Your Healing Power

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Unleash The Power To Heal Yourself

When you are injured, ill or under stress, the natural flow of energy between the energy centers of your body can become congested. Since we are integrated beings, mind, body, emotion and spirit, the congested flow of energy negatively impacts both the way you feel and your body’s ability to heal. Welcome to my website, I specialize in bringing relief to the lives of others. I use gentle, light or near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system to unleash your body’s own natural...
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What You Can Expect

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How Healing Touch Helps You Heal Yourself

Healing Touch is a non-invasive technique where the practitioner works with you to clear, energize, and balance your energy fields. This caring, heart centered practice can improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. During a healing touch session, the practitioner and client come together energetically to facilitate the client’s health and healing. Healing Touch is an excellent complementary therapy and works side by side with traditional medical treatments. This is why people practicing...
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Success Stories

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How Others Have Been Helped

Benefits of Healing Touch Scientific studies and medical research have shown many benefits of Healing Touch, including: Pain relief or decrease in pain level Acceleration of Post-operative recovery Symptom relief during or after chemotherapy Development or deepening of a spiritual connection Decreased agitation in those with dementia [calming of those with dementia] Decrease depression Decrease anxiety Improved quality of life Assistance with the dying process (relaxation, peace, acceptance) Improved mood Decreased stress Improved...
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Our Healing Services


9ine Hearts Healing Center Services

9ine Hearts Healing Center was created from a deep passion to share with others ways to obtain and maintain health and well-being through natural holistic therapies. Our “Back to Basics” approach to overall wellness creates living a more joyful, healthy balanced life obtainable. We understand that being in balance is vital to being healthy. This would be the balancing of the body, mind, spirit and emotions, what we refer to as; “4 Essentials”. One without the other creates dis-ease and ultimately...
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  • Healing Touch At Work

    Healing Touch with Children Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch for Children Healing Touch Procedure
  • Stress and Healing Touch

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    Reducing the Stress that Wrecks the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself

    Healing Touch is effective at reducing the long-term effects of chronic stress on the body, and as well as minimizing the impact of stressful events like medical procedures or treatment for severe diseases. Stress has both positive and negative effects on the human system. A certain amount of stress is needed to encourage change and to move one forward with daily challenges. However, prolonged stress creates a “wearing down” of the body’s defenses. This can lead to changes in the immune system; increased risk of...
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    Cancer and Healing Touch

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    How Cancer Patients Can Improve Their Quality of Life

    Healing Touch is widely used in treating the fatigue, nausea and pain that frequently accompanies the treatment for cancer. Healing Touch is often cited by cancer patients as providing a sense of comfort and connection that got them through
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