Q: Who can learn Healing Touch?

A:  Healing Touch classes and the Healing Touch Certification Program is open to anyone who has a desire to offer comfort and relief to others. Janet Mentgen, a nurse and the founder of Healing Touch, believed that anyone could learn how to facilitate healing in others.

Q: What does learning Healing Touch involve?

A:  Taking a Healing Touch Level 1 class involves attending a two day workshop. The 16 continuing education contact hours that are offered can be applied by nurses and massage therapists toward their licensure requirements.

If you are interested in learning Healing Touch click on this Healing Touch Program link www.HealingTouchProgram.com

Q: What will I learn at a Healing Touch Level 1 class?

A:  In a Level 1 Healing Touch class you will learn:

          • Twelve techniques that you can use immediately
          • How to use your hands and heart to foster healing in others and in yourself
          • How to open your heart and spirit in a healing way to everyone you know
          • What forms the energy system
          • How your energy system is connected with your body, mind, emotion and spirit
          • How other people’s energy feels
          • How to relieve pain and calm emotions in yourself and others
          • How to clear up energetic blockages that affect us negatively
          • How to maintain balance in your own energy system so that you can thrive instead of just survive
          • Skills that will foster your personal and professional growth
          • How to share this exciting work in your community, especially with health care professionals
          • How to tap into resources that you can share that demonstrate the scientific validity of Healing Touch
          • Healing Touch Program’s Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics

Q: Is there just one level of Healing Touch?

A:  No, Healing Touch is a five-level program. When the five levels are completed, you may apply for certification from the Healing Touch Program via an autonomous certification panel.

Q: Is each level a two day workshop?

A: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 are two day workshops. Level 4 and Level 5 are four day workshops usually held in a retreat setting.

Q: Can I get CE credits for taking a Healing Touch Class?

A:  Healing Touch provides accredited Continuing Education for nurses and massage therapists. Based on the nursing process, and supported by scientific research, it is rooted in the concepts of compassion, energy medicine, positive intention, touch, self empowerment, the mind-body-spirit triad, and the body’s innate tendency toward healing