This is the introduction to my testimonials page

"I love Healing Touch. It helps me relax and it clears my head. After a couple of minutes into the session I fall into the most peaceful deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go."

"I have experienced the healing benefits of many different types of Eastern medicine, naturopathic therapies, massage, hypnotherapy but my experience with Grace and Healing Touch far surpasses the other modalities for me. I was able to really connect with myself and feel and visualize the healing in action."

"You are my Angel. I thank you so much.  I am so relaxed and my pain is gone, my migraine is gone."

"I was gone, that was so deep.  I felt like I was floating.   One time I thought you were at my feet but you were actually at my head.  My back and neck are better, all the pain is gone and I can move my head and neck now.  Thank you so much!"

"That was very relaxing, especially for sitting up.  It felt like a massage I feel that calm.  Before we started I felt like I wasn't in my   body, drifting, now I feel grounded, back in my body.  My head feels clear and my mind definitely calmer.
                                                                                                     ~ M.S.